Ohio City Pasta
Address: 100 South Commons Pittsburgh, PA, 15222
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Phone: 412-266-5333
About Us
Cleveland, OH & Pittsburgh, PA

Ohio City Pasta is a company with deep roots in Cleveland, enjoying a flagship stand at the Westside Market since 1991 and avid community engagement (to source locally, enhance city-wide sustainability efforts and partner with local chefs). The company has also grown far and wide, including a location here in Pittsburgh (called City Fresh Pasta), which is owned and operated by Executive Chef Eric Earnest.

Hand-crafting his products in small batches, Eric offers fresh pastas, ravioli, pierogies, gnocchi, artisanal sauces and butters. Made from scratch, gourmet pasta flavors include black pepper basil, garlic and chive, lemon pepper, pumpkin sage, squid ink, saffron, spicy lime cilantro, fennel oregano, cinnamon, beet, and many more.
All of our food items are made in small batches and prepared by hand, true to tradition, and without the use of artificial flavors or colors. We also offer vegan and vegetarian options, including vegan butternut squash pierogies and vegan gnocchi and ravioli.