Real Fungi LLC
Address: 1403 Rockland Ave Apt. 1 Pittsburgh, PA, 15216
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Phone: 724-708-7559
About Us
Where do our mushrooms grow? The beautiful enforested Laurel Highlands and beyond. Wherever great quality culinary mushrooms grow. The majority of our products cannot be cultivated, this being due to their evolution as symbionts with secondary and old growth trees. Every good mushroom has its favorite tree, and it’s my job to find those habitats when the conditions are just right.
Real Fungi started out as a conversation between friends. We all shared a passion for mushroom hunting and identification. We would go into the woods and come back with baskets of great mushrooms; the only problem was we had too many. Not enough for a large order but more than we each could consume. The idea became that through a collective effort we could aggregate our product and become a viable and consistent supplier of the highest quality wild foods.

It became official in fall of 2017. Real Fungi was formed from 4 initial member/harvesters in the Pittsburgh area. In the last year we have grown to over 30 in Pittsburgh, 5 in Louisiana and 5 in the Pacific Northwest.

Every week we discuss projected needs and projected harvests in each area. I take care of the logistics personally, to get the product to you within a few days of harvest. Before your product is delivered I personally inspect each mushroom and issue certification papers of guaranteed expert identification.