Broadrun Dairy Farm
Contact: Kevin & Kelly Caldwell
Address: 393 Concord Circle Road Beaver Falls, PA, 15010
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Phone: 724-761-4801
About Us
For six generations, the Caldwell family has been devoted to the production of a quality dairy product. In 2002, we switched the farm from a conventional, confinement model of a Holstein dairy to a grass-based farm with Jersey and Jersey-Holstein crosses. The benefits included improved animal health, soil fertility, reduced labor and energy inputs.

In 2012, we started a new breeding program that would allow us to build a dairy herd of approximately eighty, A2-Jersey milk cows and an Angus cow/calf herd that can continue to expand to meet our customer’s desires for grass-fed beef.
100% Grass-Fed, organic management

We operate as a seasonal grazing herd, pasturing the animals 365 days a year. April through November their only source of forage is the lush green grass the animals ‘harvest’ themselves. During the winter months, they are fed baled forage from these same pastures.


All of our animals are raised outside on pasture. Studies have shown that meat and dairy products from animals fed grass have higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega 3, which are fatty acids that have been proven to aid in the fight against cancer and provide many additional health benefits.

Dairy Cattle

We use a breeding program that allows the cows to enjoy a rest period during January and February before calving again in early spring. This seasonal system enables the cow’s reproduction cycle to act in a more natural manner, matching her nutritional needs with the availability of pasture.

Beef Cattle

Our Angus steers are pastured year-round. They are finished on baled grass hay and a high energy sorghum sudan grass (fresh forage, not a silage) for 1 month prior to processing. This allows the meat to develop a delicate marbling that enhances flavor and texture of the meat.


Each spring we purchase chicks to raise as fryers or broilers. Our chickens are fed ground corn and other natural grains, water, and also have free access to the pasture where they can peck for bugs and worms in the ground.


Each spring we also purchase pigs from a local farmer to raise for pork. The pigs are fed for 5 months (approximately 250 pounds) before heading to market. Our pigs are fed a mixture of natural grains including corn, wheat, and soybeans; but most importantly, raw milk from our farm.