Bedillion Honey Farm
Contact: Mark & Sara Bedillion
Address: 1179 Burgettstown Rd Hickory, PA, 15340
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Phone: 724-747-4645
About Us
Hickory, PA | Member Since 2012

The Bedillion Family Farm & Apiary is located in Mt. Pleasant Township, Hickory, Pennsylvania. They harvest honey from an ever growing number of hives on their farm and make it available year round. Their honeybees are survivor stock of mainly Italian and some Russian honeybees. So far, they've proven to be gentle, hygienic, and good producers of brood and honey. Bedillion also hosts over a dozen of different locations (called bee yards) for production, colony health and other beekeeping needs.
Raw honey. Not pasteurized or pressure filtered. Includes pollen, propolis, enzymes, trace vitamins, & minerals.