River View Dairy
Address: 8587 Rt 58 Emlenton, PA, 16373
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Phone: 814-358-2310
About Us
Emlenton, PA | Member Since 2008

River View Dairy was formed in 2008 by a dedicated couple looking to quietly raise their family, and maintain a sustainable farm while perfecting their cheese making craft. Three generations of knowledge in that peaceful setting, by the Clarion River in rural Pennyslvania, have allowed them to create their goat and sheep milk cheese specialties. It is quite a variety too, from plain to flavored chevre, to goat's milk feta, to silky yogurt--the dill chevre is a staff favorite!

Curious how many goats and sheep it takes? Sam Byler, his wife Susie, and their seven children milk over 100 goats at their farm!
Family owned. Handcrafted. Kosher.

Why Goat Milk? What we believe is this; that goat milk is far easier to digest, is denser in nutritional value and is less likely to inflame your milk allergy when compared to cow milk. Finally, goats make a third of an environmental impact compared to cows. Let's be good to our planet. Plus, we think the cheese tastes better because our goats are happy!

River View Dairy has always maintained the safest and strictest food handling procedures. As we've grown, many of our customers have requested we go kosher. Regardless of your background or beliefs, you'll find choosing our kosher dairy is the healthiest choice for you. As such, we are now expanding our operations in association with other Grade A, kosher facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.