Kistaco Farm
Address: 3483 Balsiger Road Apollo, PA, 15613
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Phone: 724-478-4361
About Us
Apollo, PA | Member Since 2002

For 95 years, the main event at Kistaco Farm has been their outstanding apples. Tim and Suzanne, along with their daughter Miranda, manage 235 acres and a on-farm market where they sell many varieties of apples, their crisp, sweet apple cider, and many other crops. This diversity on the farm is achieved by enjoying the diversity of the job, says Tim. Kistaco Farm uses thoughtful farming practices like IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to help manage pest pressure.

The Hilemans hope you enjoy their products as much as they do! Tim's favorite local treat is apple pie made from their apples by Miranda or Suzanne. They are the apple experts, after all!
Using sustainable growing practices and integrated pest management (IPM), we minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and strive to grow bountiful, safe and healthy produce. Sustainable practices include good stewardship of our land and environment.