Crighton Farm
Address: 130 Main Street Prospect, PA, 16052
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Phone: 742-865-9371
About Us
Prospect, PA

James and Christine have been farming for a total of 35 years, 23 of which have been at their current 12 acre farm in Prospect, PA. New to PCFA in 2010, Crighton Farm grows a wide variety of gourmet vegetables; among them are PA Simply Sweet Onions, shallots, peppers, cherry tomatoes and micro greens.
The farm is managed by very conservative practices. The greenhouses have converted to no insecticide use whatsoever, through the introduction of predatory insects. The field soils are respected with a unique practice: although the fields are tilled annually and they use black plastic, between the rows the weeds are mowed off with a mulching riding lawn mower weekly. Farmers James and Christine have been surprised that now, after a rainstorm, there is no erosion, and the bits of weeds and grass left behind mulch the soil and improve it with organic matter.