Terms of Service - Wholesale
  • Weekly Schedule:
    Order from 1pm Monday – 5pm Tuesday for Thursday/Friday delivery (depending on location).
    Order from 1pm Wednesday – 1pm Friday for Tuesday delivery.
  • Requirements for Wholesale Customers:
    To qualify for wholesale status, please supply your Tax Resale ID# or your Federal Tax ID# on the Penn’s Corner Credit Application.
    Payment Terms:
    Our terms are check or cash upon delivery, unless credit terms are established. Credit terms are available to accounts that have established a credit pattern of prompt bill payment with current suppliers. A completed credit application is required before placing initial order.
    Our payment terms are net 15 days maximum from the date of the invoice. A 1.5% finance charge per month will be charged to all overdue accounts. If an overdue occurs, Penn’s Corner reserves the right to refuse new orders or require payment upon delivery until the account is current. A $30 fee will be charged on all bounced or returned checks.

  • Pricing:
    Prices are subject to change weekly. Please consult our current Product List for prices. Some prices on the Product List may not be available at the time of publishing. In that case, please feel free to request the price when you place your order.
    Minimum Orders:
    Penn’s Corner minimum for free delivery starts at $150. However, based on delivery location and time of year, Penn’s Corner reserves the right to increase the minimum. All orders that do not meet the minimum may be subject to a $15 delivery fee and/or refused.

Wholesale Ordering Terms

Terms of Service - Farm Stand
  • Your credit card will never be processed, charged, or have a hold placed on it upon checking out. Your card will be processed after you pick up your order, or each week by Thursday at 2pm.  
  • Penn's Corner pays our farmers for every order.  If you fail to pick up your order, your card will be charged for the items you ordered.  If you forget to pick up your order you can contact us to find out if it is still available, however we do not guarantee that orders will be available outside of their pickup window. Contact to find out how and where to pick up your forgotten order. If you need to cancel your order, please contact us before the order period closes on Thursday at 2pm.  After the order period closes you will be responsible to pick up and pay for your order.  If you do not contact us within 24 hours of the closing of the pickup window, your food will be donated or given away.
  • We try to  inspect and pack all orders upon pickup. In the event that product gets missed or damaged during packing, or is not up to your expectations, please let us know so we can provide you with a store credit.
  • Our goal is to provide the highest quality produce, and we require our member farmers to deliver market-grade products. The customer understands that since many of our farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides, fruits and vegetables may not look "perfect".

Farm Stand Ordering Terms