Weatherbury Farm
Contact: Nigel Tudor
Address: 1061 Sugar Run Rd Avella, PA, 15312
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Phone: 724-587-3763
About Us
Avella, PA | Certified Organic | Member Since 2016

The land that makes up Weatherbury Farm in Avella, PA has been farmed since 1815. Then, the farm was called Extravagence, a name that no doubt turned a few heads. The fourth, and current owners, the Tudor family, has been operating Weatherbury Farm since 1986. While most people think of produce, meat, and dairy when they think of local food, Weatherbury Farm is unique because it grows local, Certified Organic grains. Their offerings include wheat, oats, spelt, open-pollinated corn, emmer, and einkorn. The Tudors love enjoying the products created on their farm. Did someone say local pizza?

Weatherbury Farm has always had a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture practices. In 2012, Nigel Tudor and his family were one of two farms selected to win the PA Certified Organic Sustainability Award, And in 2017, Sustainable Pittsburgh recognized Weatherbury Farm as a Gold Level Sustainable Small Business.

At Weatherbury Farm we grow most of our own seed, we plant it, we nurture it, we harvest it and we grind it in to wholesome flour for you. Like many fine wines we consider our flour an “estate flour” as everything from putting the seed in the ground to putting the flour in the bag is done here at Weatherbury Farm. The fertile silt loam soil of our rolling hills contributes to the character and flavor of our grain.
Certified Organic