Blue Goose Farm
Address: 2965 Blue Goose Rd Nicktown, PA, 15762
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Phone: 814-948-7188
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Nicktown, PA | Member Since 2008

Scott Farabaugh and his wife, Christy, own and operate Blue Goose Farm in Nicktown, PA. They specialize in potatoes, and according to Scott, he has yet to find a way to cook potatoes that he hasn't liked! That's saying something...especially after you find that "not a day goes by that [they] don't eat potatoes!" Along with some Juliet tomatoes fresh off the vine, in summer.

The Farabaughs started farming in 2002. They were drawn to vegetable production because it is a more manageable way of farming: a smaller scale. They love that they live where they work and that, as Scott says, "Everyday I am working to make my small part on this earth better than I found it."
Blue Goose Farm is largely a "natural grown" farm. They also provide pasture for farm animals and grow half that acreage in hay, supplemented by a small amount of conventional grain, to feed their animals.