Hidden Hills Dairy
Address: 1980 Ritchey Rd Everett, PA, 15537
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Phone: 814-652-2775
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Everett, PA | Member Since 2009

Lori and Rex of Hidden Hills Dairy provide Penn's Corner Farm Alliance with a variety of cow's milk cheeses from their registered Jersey herd. The family establishment dates back to 1954, when Ray and Elaine Sollenberger (Rex's parents) started farming, and has been home to Jersey cattle since the beginning. Lori and Rex started farming in 1996 when Rex's father retired. In the late 70’s it became an all registered herd and was nationally recognized for production and pedigree indexes. In 1999 they added the creamery to make farmstead cheeses, and in 2005 started making raw milk cheese. We are so lucky that they did!

Their favorite part of farming is watching the calves grow up and join the herd. It's no surprise that their favorite local food to enjoy is their cheese (of any kind) with tomatoes, straight from the garden and warm from the sun.
The Sollenbergers' happy cows are rbst-free and enjoy grazing the fields any time there is grass available. They are fed hay from the farm the rest of the year. Hidden Hills Dairy in intentional in using practices that are kind to the earth: they grow only grass, compost the cow's manure and rarely use pesticides.