Paul Family Farm
Address: 378 Paul Hollow Rd Galeton, PA, 16922
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Phone: 570-772-2420
About Us
In 1865, William Paul homesteaded (and thus settled) in what has become known as Paul Hollow, the home of Paul Family Farms. Over the last 150 years, the Paul's have lived, farmed and partnered with the land passed down through the family. Today when you come up the dirt road, you'll find the 4th generation on the farm (Bim, Judy, Bud and Debby, Tim and Cathie) along with 5th and 6th generation family and of course, our dear friends. More than ever, we are happy to share with you our pure, wood-fired Pennsylvania Maple Syrup.

When asked about their favorite part of farming, the Paul's told us it's "in our blood. We are over 5 generations of Paul’s living and farming in Paul Hollow. It feels real, it feels natural, and it feels like it’s part of our DNA, who are are. The Paul’s are farmers."
Slow, small batch, and wood-fired are the secrets to our maple syrup. Of course, nothing is added. Our syrup is straight from the trees and our bees (for honey) are not fed any chemicals. Simple and real.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call the next time you're in the northwoods of PA. Coffee is always hot and we love showing people the farm when we're home!