Pasture Maid Creamery
Contact: Adam Dean
Address: 571 Cow Path Lane New Castle, PA, 16101
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Phone: 724-944-7894
About Us
Pasture Maid Creamery has been milking cows for 6 generations on the same land in Lawrence County since 1840!

Pasture Maid's cows have access to pasture year round. The cows also eat organically grown hay, raised right on their 190-acre property to supplement pasture in the winter months. From conception to consumption, Pasture Maid proudly controls all aspects of their farming practices. Their 70 cows are primarily Jerseys and Holsteins, along with a few Kerry’s, and Brown Swiss. The milk from these cows is pasteurized and bottled, and then used to make cheese, right on the farm!
Pastured based grazing for animals. No growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers used.