Dawson's Orchards
Address: 122 Petersburg Rd Enon Valley, PA, 16120
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Phone: 724-667-7719
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Enon Valley, PA | Member Since 2007

Dawson's Orchards has a long history, dating all the way back to 1946!

George and Janet Dawson started Dawson’s Orchards in Beaver County, raising chickens and growing fruit. By the early 1960s the chickens flew the coop and the fruit was here to stay. Their youngest daughter, Carolyn, and her husband Kevin purchased the farm in 1981, expanding both the amount and kind of berries/fruit trees planted as well as the wholesale segment of the business. Kevin passed suddenly in 2000 and Carolyn eventually remarried to Scott McQuiston, who now coordinates Dawson’s Food Safety Department. The third generation is also working alongside Carolyn and Scott to continue moving the orchard forward.

As for their favorite PA-grown produce, owners Carolyn & Scott say: "It’s so hard to choose! I would probably have to go with blueberries though. The small ones are great for muffins and pancakes. Some of ours get as big as a quarter and you just can’t help but eat that right off the bush!"
Dawson's Orchard follows IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices on their farm. IPM is often used in conjunction with naturally grown or organic practices, as it prevents insects or insect damage while minimizing risks to people and the environment. Practices include biological controls (think application), manipulating the habitat for insects, and modifying cultural (i.e. farming) practices.

It is important to note that this is difficult to do with fruit, as trees are especially sensitive! Therefore, organic fruit often has blemishes on it that are actually positive indicators of their chemical-free management. Very little "perfect" looking fruit grows on naturally-managed trees!