Clarion River Organics
Address: 824 Whitmer Rd Sligo, PA, 16255
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Phone: 814-603-1022
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Sligo, PA | Member Since 2009

Clarion River Organics is a cooperative of Amish family farms that work together in Sligo, PA. The cooperative model helps connect those farmers to the Pittsburgh region with the help of Zeb Bartles, who manages the coop. Their network is large and growing, but working with Penn's Corner Farm Alliance means that their wonderful produce is used in the kitchens of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. Of all of their great diversity in crops, Zeb says he loves golden berries (or ground cherries) the most. They are easy to grow in our climate, but taste like a tropical fruit!

Hear from a few of their member farms, below:

Schmucker Family Farms:
Farmer Emanuel was born and raised a farmer, starting his own operation with his wife Ruth in 2002. Their beef ranch expanded to vegetable production in 2008, although they are still most passionate about customers who appreciate good grass fed beef, produced organically. Regarding what they enjoy about farming, Emanuel notes it takes determination and hard work, but that "being together as a family working in harmony in Nature is a good place to be."

Maple Grove Farm
Getting a field ready for planting is this farmer's favorite part of the season, over at Maple Grove Farm, in operation since 2015. They love sweet corn, but above all else, nothing beats "a big seedless watermelon, perfectly ripe and out of the icehouse on a warm August day."

Long Acre Farm
Daniel Lengacher, farmer of those 60 (long) acres cites watching seeds push through the soil as one of his favorite parts of farming. He classifies that moment as the epitome of increasing soil health, a vital part of organic farming. It also produces tasty broccoli and cauliflower, his favorite offerings.

Hidden Valley Farm:
This farmer was born farming, recounting visits to the cow barn as early as 5 years old. In 1993 he began a sheep farm, which is still a part of his operation today. In addition to 150 ewes raised for meat (the only non-organic part of the farm), Hidden Valley Farm started growing produce in 2009. When asked about the benefits of farming, the farmer reflected on how much he enjoys farming life, especially when raising children. "It gives you a chance to work closer with God's creation and not just something man made. Soil, rain, sunshine, pollination, etc."

Riverbend Acres:
Through the years this family farm has transitioned from conventional cash crops, to a dairy, to organic vegetables. When asked about the best part of farming, the farmer cited "the privilege and opportunity to be connected to earth, nature and God via a constant effort to harmonize with the natural elements and weather. We appreciate being able to walk on grass and dirt under natural light. If we never see the city lights we are happier for it."
Clarion River Organics is composed of 14 farms, all of whom are certified Organic! Read more about their practices above.