Blackberry Meadows Farm
Contact: Greg Boulos & Jennifer Montgomery
Address: 7115 Ridge Road Natrona Heights, PA, 15065
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Phone: 724-226-3939
About Us
Natrona Heights, PA | Member Since 2013

Blackberry Meadows Farm is an incredibly well-rounded farm, featuring Certified Organic vegetable production, grass-fed beef and dairy, free range chickens, and pastured pigs. Jen and Greg's favorite local meal--pulled pork (their own non-GMO pork!), with homemade barbecue sauce and farm fresh slaw--is a delicious metaphor for their holistic views of agriculture.

Jen and Greg both value the community created within Blackberry Meadows Farm. They enjoy their CSA customers, and can now invite interested eaters to learn more about growing, cooking and eating local food in their farm kitchen! With everything Blackberry Meadows Farm has to offer, Penn's Corner Farm Alliance is proud to be another venue to distribute their offerings.
Blackberry Meadows' pasture and produce has been certified Organic since the 1990's-- even before Jen & Greg took it over in 2007. They use only Verified Non GMO grain for their pastured hogs and free range chickens. The hogs are always cage free and are born and raised on the farm, enjoying a good life in both the woods and fields. There, they help to maintain the field borders by controlling invasive species and creating habitat around the farm, allowing the farmers to introduce more native edible species.