Berkshire Hog Share, deposit
Berkshire Hog Share, deposit
Berkshire Hog Shares Available!
This item is not presently for sale, please check back when ordering is open.
If you desire the convenience of having pork in your freezer, then a half hog share is a great option! Every couple months we sell hogs by the half. Hog shares are only available for pick-up from our warehouse in Lawrenceville. Contact if you are interested in a half hog share! A $200 deposit (check or card) will be required to reserve your order and the rest can be paid upon pickup.

The price of your hog share is based on the weight of the hog after harvesting. The price will be about $3.98/lb for the hanging weight of the hog. The total cost can vary depending on the type of cuts you request. Most of the halves have a hanging weight between 125 and 150 pounds, so you could expect to pay around $537 total (the average price for a 135 lb side). Please note that the hanging weight is not the final weight after cutting. You can expect to receive about 75% of the hanging weight. If you have a preference for the size of your hog, please let us know. A $200 deposit will be required upon placing your order, and the rest can be paid in full upon pickup. We accept card or check.

The side can be cut to your liking, but a standard side includes:
one ham (about 15-20 lbs but can be cut in half or quartered upon request, cured and smoked) *can be uncured upon request
8-10 lbs of bacon (cured and smoked in 1 lb packages) *can be uncured upon request
two loin roasts (about 3-4 lbs each) and chops
1 shoulder (split into two roasts and steaks)
spare ribs (split into 4 sections)
5-10 lbs of sausage or ground pork (in 1 lb packages)
Sausage is available in bulk 1# packages, or customers can request cased rope sausage or breakfast sausage in a variety of seasonings. Seasonings available are: Salt and Pepper, Maple, Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian. Please note there is an additional charge for seasonings, and you can only chose one flavor.
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