Minerva Dairy
Address: 430 Radloff Ave Minerva, OH, 44657
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Phone: 330-868-4196
About Us
Founded in 1894, Minerva Dairy is America's oldest family-owned butter dairy. Today, our 5th and 6th Generations of family ownership still use milk from pasture-raised cows to slow churn into 85% butterfat butter. This small batch method produces the highest butterfat making a creamier and better tasting butter. And with a higher butterfat butter makes your recipes taste better.
No artificial anything.Our farmers are committed to producing only the highest quality of milk. For this reason, our family farms do not use artificial hormones.

The farmers we work with own pasture-raised cows. This gives the cows a variety in their diets and allows them to make their own choices. Throughout the year, our family farms provide the same exceptional nutrition for their dairy cows. For this reason, the cows are fed a variety of forages, fresh grasses, and grains. This diet helps them to be well-nourished and healthy milk producers.