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Trickling Springs Creamery was founded in 2001 by two friends who aimed to produce fresh, exceptional- tasting dairy products while promoting local farmers doing an excellent job with their farms. The founders started by establishing strict guidelines for the family farms producing their milk. The farmers were required to maintain grass-fed, heritage breed cows, produce very clean milk (as measured by SCC & SPC counts), and use no synthetic hormones. A large part of this was asking our farmers to give their cows access to pasture year round and feed a grass-intensive diet. These principles are still followed and in many cases have been strengthened to more strict standards of feeding and sustainability. Currently, we purchase milk from 32 family farms.

The founders offered to pay farmers above average prices for maintaining these high standards. Trickling Springs Creamery would then process the milk as minimally as allowed by law. All our dairy products are minimally processed using low-temp pasteurization, simple ingredients, and no additives to our whole milk and creams. In 2002, we became certified as an organic processor and started selling our organic products throughout the greater Mid-Atlantic region. As our reputation for quality organic grass-fed dairy products grew, we were privileged to be able to expand distribution throughout the eastern seaboard region.

As we grow, we are committed to growing sustainable organic farming in the Mid-Atlantic area. In 2015, we launched a Farmer-for-Life™ program to encourage farmers to make the transition from conventional farming to organic farming. This program incrementally pays farmers for each step they make along the journey toward being Non-gmo Project Verified® and certified organic.
While we hold strict standards for our community of family farms the story doesn’t end there. We aim to deliver you the best product possible and that means processing it as minimally as possible. All of our fresh milk is pasteurized with a low-temp pasteurization (165*F for 15 seconds) and immediately cooled below 40*F. All our products are processed without any added colors or artificial flavors.

Trickling Springs Creamery’s mission is to serve our communities with the finest artisan dairy foods while promoting healthy happy cows, farmer sustainability, employee wellness, environmental stewardship, and quality food. We connect a community of family farmers and the products they produce with consumers who care about the source and values of the food that they eat.