Pequea Valley Farm
Address: 116 S Ronks Rd Ronks, PA, 17572
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About Us
The Abner King family own and operate the 36 acres that is Pequea Valley Farm. Located in Ronks, PA this Amish family farm has a herd of grass-fed Jersey cows and specializes in handcrafted, delicious and creamy full fat yogurt (derived from their cow's milk). Pequea Valley yogurt has become a popular brand all around the east coast. Give 'em a try…you be glad you did!
Pequea Valley Farm's yogurt is produced by grass-fed cows, which are never treated with the growth hormone rBst. All yogurts are always hormone and antibiotic-free and rich in flavor using only natural ingredients and sweeteners. Fruit flavored yogurt is loaded with real fruit, and the yogurt has a perfect tartness that comes from natural small batch processing.