Wild Water Kombucha
Address: 18 E. Market St. Lewistown, PA, 17044
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About Us
Wild Water Kombucha is a small family owned business located in Lewistown, PA. For several years the owner made kombucha in her home for her family and friends. Over time, Loren (her husband) encouraged her to get a license and start selling to the public. Wild Water Kombucha was born! They started in November 2017 and now have over 15 locations around central Pennsylvania that carry our product. Visit their website to learn more about kombucha:

From the producer: Being part of a community who values and supports small and local businesses is one of the greatest aspects of my “job.” We hope you enjoy our kombucha, and thank you for your support!
We use simple ingredients for our kombucha: organic black tea, raw organic cane sugar, and flavored with fruits and herbs that are grown from local farms and orchards. There are both year-round and seasonal varieties!

Instead of tropical flavors, you will find a combination of different varieties of berries, fruits, and herbs in our kombucha- we want our ingredients to be as locally sourced as possible, thus supporting neighboring businesses and in return, bringing a healthy alternative beverage to various locations in Pennsylvania.