Jones Turkey Farm
Address: 240 Jones Road Cabot, PA, 16023
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About Us
Jones Turkey Farm is located in Cabot, PA.
The fowl at Jones Turkey Farm are all natural, free roaming, and fed with the highest quality grains.

The preservative-free fowl can be purchased in three different ways (Frozen, Frosty Fresh, and Fresh). According to studies conducted by Penn State University, fresh, preservative-free turkeys and chickens have a 3-day shelf life when refrigerated at 30 degrees. For most customers, a 3-day time period is far too short of a window to purchase, pick up, and cook their birds, especially since the poultry is kept at our facility for one day to be processed and prepped for consumption, which effectively cuts that 3-day shelf life to 2 days off the bat. Frosty Fresh poultry is stored at 25-26 degrees and have a shelf life of one week. Frosty Fresh birds are easily defrosted in the refrigerator, though they must be maintained at no warmer than 35 degrees. These birds can be kept at 35 degrees for one day prior to cooking.
Frozen poultry that is stored in a freezer at 0 degrees have a 6 to 9 month shelf life. Thawing instructions for our Frozen birds can be attained at pick up.